West Virginia - Buckwild Season 2 Canceled

After Salwa Amin was arrested on drug related charges for a second time and Buckwild star Shane Gandee was found dead with two others in his truck after an apparent alcohol induced muddin accident MTV has suspended production and filming of Buckwild and at this point it looks as if Season 2 of Buckwild will be canceled.

There are talks that the friend of the gang "Bluefoot" will be a regular on Season 2
With Season 2 filming starting soon cast members have been preparing for Buckwild Season 2 with cosmetic surgeries, personal trainers, managers and more. Info coming soon.

After backlash from the local community not to mention the state it looks like the hard lobbying by the cast members of Buckwild have paid off and MTV executives have renewed Buckwild for a second season. The ratings for Buckwild have been good since the show premiered but there was speculation if the show would be renewed or not so the cast members took it upon themselves to make sure the season was renewed. Cast members have spent the last several weeks traveling throughout the state of West Viriginia trying to drum up grass roots support for Buckwild. Several cast members have toured local colleges trying to gain support among MTVs age demographic and have even asked people they encountered to contact MTV and request a second season. It is unclear how far the cast will have to go and what West Virginia stenotypes they will have to exaggerate but Buckwild Season 2 will begin filming soon.


Buckwild Season 2 begins filming shortly and will likely premier in 2013 on MTV